Download and Use Two Psiphon on one Device

The stress of switching and reconfiguring your Psiphon handler download apk for free browsing is almost over with the introduction of this mod version called Psiphon Handler Lite. With this new app, you can keep your settings for Etisalat Social Me settings on one and MTN Music Plus or MTN BIS on the other one and run the two right on the same device. 
Apart from the ease of switching connections, the new Psiphon Handler Lite offers better battery friendly features than the other versions of Psiphon, viz; 

  • It is light, small size apk and does not occupy much space
  • It is stable in connections
  • Very battery friendly
  • Connects very fast
  • Ads Free

How To Configure Psiphon Handler Lite

Just configure it like the previous Psiphon Handlers, there is no difference, it works the same while offering the flexibility of switching connections with ease.

Also available for download here is the new Psiphon Handler 100.2 for those having frequent disconnection with v100, download and install the new stable version to stop the frequent disconnection.

Download all other working versions of Psiphon Handler Below

To Use Up to 3 Psiphon on your device, Click Here to download ProNet

Psiphon .exe for PC

Syponshield 102 (For this version, you need to configure your previous Psiphon first before you upgrade as there are fewer options to input settings)

Sypon Shield v3.1.3 HandlerUI.apk (Very Stable)

Psiphon Handler 82


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