Etisalat Tweak for PC using XT181

Another free browsing tweak for Etisalat on PC which offers unlimited and fast browsing, downloading and streaming uses the app called XT181. With X-T181, you can easily setup and run on your PC, no need for much configuration, just click and run. This article features how to configure XT181 on PC for Etisalat Social Me Plan.

How to set up XT181 VPN on PC for Etisalat Social Pack

1. Subscribe to Etisalat Social Weekly Pack by dialing *200*3*3*2*2# ( cost N300)
2. Download and install XT181 for PC from this link
3. Right click and extract the downloaded X-T181 files to a folder
4. Open the folder containing the extracted files and click on “XT181.exe” (as Administrator)
5. After opening the X-T181 app, Click on “Listen” and minimize it.
6. Now open Internet Explorer Browser and navigate to “Settings > Internet Options > Connections > LAN settings”.

7. Check the box beside “Use a proxy server…..”, then configure as follows:
Proxy Address:
Port: 8080
Click on Ok, Apply etc.
8. You can now use any browser to browse and download.

The XT181 VPN app is very easy to set up like Simple Server for PC and other tunnel software and it powers all apps and opens any browser with better speed on Etisalat Social Me Plan.

With this XT181 VPN app, you do not need to be changing your IP or Port OR Password, just use the simple method and enjoy the Etisalat social chat pack cheat blazing at full speed on PC.

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  1. it keeps sayin invalid argument

  2. have not tried this but if anyone has,pls kindly tell ur xperienc

  3. its doesn't pass the speed limit

  4. it cant pass the speed limit for download please any solution

  5. I'm getting invalid error argument on a Windows 10 PC,
    Is this still working?

  6. Invalid arguement

    1. For everyone having Invalid argument, I have updated it with the file I'm currently using, please download again and try. Best of luck


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