Root n Change IMEI of Tecno Camon n Infinix Hot 2 Easily

This article presents a new and simpler method of rooting the most recent Android phones running the Lollipop 5.0/1 or Kit kat. You can use this method to root your Tecno Camon, Infinix Hot 2, Gionee M2 mini or Innjoo phones. The benefits of rooting your phone include enjoying some free tweaks and BIS free browsing on MTN, Glo and Etisalat. This article also features a very simple method of changing your IMEI using Chamelephon app in just two steps.

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This method is useful in any case you have a stubborn MTK phone that has issues with regards to changing the IMEI via MTK Engineering mode. You can also temporarily unroot your rooted device using Voodoo OTA Unroot

How To Root Your Android Device 

1.      Make sure you have data subscription and strong internet connection.
2.      Switch on your data connection and make sure it is on 3G connection
3.      Go to “Settings” > “All Settings” > “Security”, then locate “Unknown sources” and check the box beside it.
4.      Download the latest Kingroot here (6.6mb) and install on your device
5.      After installation, open the Kingroot app and wait for it to detect your phone.
6.      On successful detection of your phone, click on “Try to Root”.
7.      If your network is strong it would not take long. Your device may restart in the process. Relax! DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING, the rooting continues automatically after restarting.
8.      You will get a pop up prompt to install an app. Ignore the warning, Check the box and click “Install anyway

9.      Wait a while as the rooting is being finalized
10.  Download RootChecker to confirm that your device has been rooted (optional)
11.  Alternatively, check on the list of your installed app for the new app “KingUser
12.  King User will grant root access to any app that you authorize, just run any app and on the pop up screen, give it full permission “forever
13.  Enjoy your device.

If you want to remove the KingUser root app and replace with SuperSu without the "fail to update su binary issue" Click Here

UPDATE!: Based on the experience of a follower of the blog, Atobz, if you still have difficulties in changing your IMEI or sharing your hotspot ESPECIALLY those using Lollipop, reconfirm that your device is properly rooted or better still, download Kingoroot (PC version 17MB) or (Android APK 1MB) and "reroot" your device again. With Kingoroot, make sure you install superuser after rooting

How To Change Your Android Phone IMEI easily

IF you are still confused about the workings and procedure of MTK Engineering mode, then this is for you. This method uses the Chamelephon app to change your IMEI in just two steps. Just follow the steps correctly. This eliminates any need for engineering mode procedure or CDS information.

1.      Download Chamelephon here (0.3mb) and install on your device.
2.      Run the Chamelephon app and grant it root access permission
3.      If you are using a dual sim phone, you will see two boxes. The first box is for SIM 1 IMEI while the second box is for Sim 2.
4.      Tweak or Generate your IMEI
5.      BACKUP or write down your phone original IMEI
6.      Enter the tweaked IMEI number in the correct box depending on which network sim you wish to tweak.
7.      Then click “Apply New IMEIs”.
8.      On the pop up dialog box “Do you confirm changing the IMEIs?”, just click on the “Change” button.
9.      Close the app and restart your phone.
10.  After restarting, dial *#06# to view your tweak IMEIs.

REMEMBER! Do not run any system update when your device is rooted.

How to Temporary Unroot Your Android Phone for System (OS) Update

1.      If you must update your Android OS, download and install Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper from here 
2.      Run the installed app and grant it full root access permission
3.      Locate and click on “Protect Root”

4.      Click on “Temp. un-root (Keeps backup)”

5.      You can now run your System update safely.
6.      After updating your OS successfully, run the Voodoo OTA and restore your Superuser neatly.
7.      Remember that it works only on MTK phones and other devices that run the ext3/4 filesystem.

If you ever run into problems, drop a comment and we will help out

Please note that changing IMEI is illegal in some countries (check your local telecom regulations), as such, we advise you to backup your original IMEI (copy it down somewhere) and reinsert it back when the promo ends.

ITy UNIT or its authors are not liable for any malfunction of phone or any loss of data (if it ever happens) when using any of the method here. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Always remember to backup your Android phone using ClockworkMod or MTKTools Recovery should in case it gets brick.

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  1. Please op, have you tried this rooting procedure on tecno camon c8?

  2. Please op, have you tried this rooting procedure on tecno camon c8?

  3. Hi! I followed the procedures carefully, my phone has been successfully rooted but the app's default language is Chinese. I can't understand a thing. How do I change it to English?

    1. Once you have confirmed your phone rooted, you don't need the app again, u can uninstall it. Just get superuser or kinguser and install to control root access permission

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Has it been tried on Tecno Cnom 8. I really need to know, for am about purchasing 1

  6. Has it been tried on Tecno Cnom 8. I really need to know, for am about purchasing 1

  7. Had it been tried on canon 8. I really need to know for am about getting the phone

    1. Yes Sir, tried and working. You can buy the Tecno Camon C8

    2. I bought the tecno camon c8 yesterday based on your comment and followed your procedure step by step but it didn't go. Why can't you guys be honest for once. You didn't test it yet you claimed to have successfully rooted tecno camon c8 with the procedure

    3. I'm surprise yours didnt go well, I'm yet to personally experience any fail attempt so that I can understand where it can possibly go wrong. I have updated a second rooting tool kingoroot, both android and PC version. Use that and try again. Pls make sure you have a valid and working data on your phone.
      Anyone that has use it successfully should also confirm.

    4. Also go to security and allow installation of apps from unknown sources and also go to Developer and UNCHECK "Verify apps" and CHECK USB Debugging in the case of using the PC version

  8. Add me on WhatsApp pls I need cheats for psiphon82handler

  9. Sir. I just purchased the Canon 8 but it isn't rooting and the chameleon app isn't installing on the phone

  10. Kingrood latest version was used to no avail

    1. I hope you have enable developer, allow installation of apps both unser security and developer build

  11. I did all those. The Developer stuff and also the unknown sources yet it didn't work

  12. Abeg help us on how to root tecno c8

  13. there is no current rooting app fr both pc or apk that can root tecno c5 or c8...iv tried thm all

    1. So should I pull down the post cos yours did not work?

  14. i nid to see a picture that proves that ur post is true

  15. It is not working on my Camon 8


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