How to Edit n Update Openvpn password with Xplore

This article is for the benefit of those who still have difficulties in editing and changing their OpenVPN password as they are updated weekly. If you suddenly see the “Authentication fail” error in your OpenVPN server connection, which means that the password has expired and the latest password has just been released (Click to see the latest password: Updated weekly).

Just get a text editor and edit the password text file that resides alongside the openvpn server config file which should be in the same folder. I will also show how to easily extract or unzip a zip or rar compressed folder using Xplore android app.
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I will be using the X-Plore app (Download Direct Here - 2.7mb)for this article since it has proven to be the fastest and most robust file explorer with a good text editor. (For PC users, Click Here to see how to use XYPlorer to recover hidden files from infected flash and memory card). After downloading the openVPN server configuration file along with the password text file, extract to one folder and use the import button to import to the openvpn.

·         Open Xplore and locate the folder containing the server (the server is the one with the ending .opvn) you will see another file with the extension (ending with .txt).

·         Tap on that text file, it will open and you should see just two things -
·         vpnbook   (This is the username, don’t touch)
·         speE4reje   (On the second line, this is the password side that you will edit)

·         Notice that when you tap on the two words, the keyboard will not come up, this is because the file is in read-only mode, so you look for an icon (like a book and pencil) at the top right corner and tap on it (that is the editor)

·         Once the editor mode is activated, you can now tap on the password side (the second line) and use backspace to delete it and type any new password that will be updated weekly.
Remember to save after typing.
Note that the password are case sensitive, that is to say tHeBoy is not the same as TheBoy so type exactly as you see.

This small but powerful tool can also be used to edit or create any text file without having to install another app, X-Plore works just like the Windows experience.

How to extract a ZIP folder using X-plore

With Xplore, you don’t need to install another zip or rar compressed file extractor and it is very easy to use. It mimic the Windows way of extracting files using the copy and paste functions.

1.      Simply Open the X-Plore app to show the two pane view.
2.      Switch to the pane that you want the extracted file to be place and create a folder there
(Create folder icon is in the middle column of tools and options with a red star).
3.      Name the new folder and switch to the other pane
4.      On the second pane, navigate to the location of the zip/rar folder and tap to open the content.
5.      Check all the files that you wish to extract and tap on the copy icon 

6.      It will bring up a dialog box which should indicate correctly the new folder you had created
7.      Click copy and within seconds, your extracted files will be copied to the new folder which you can then open as any other folder for further actions.

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