How to Uninstall System Apps or Built-in apps on Android

Most new Android devices comes with built-in, carry-come or system apps that runs on startup and you cannot uninstall, remove or delete like other apps.

Uninstalling android system app

To be able to uninstall or remove these types of inbuilt or system apps (crapwares or bloatwares), you need to root your device. Click Here for: How to Root your Android Devices

How to Uninstall/Delete System Apps or Built-in apps on Android

Method 1
1.      Click Here to Download and install Root Browser (2.4Mb)
2.      Open the installed Root Browser and navigate to the system app location.
3.      Locate the targeted app inside the folder and long press it to bring up options. Choose “Delete” when prompted and grant “superuser permission” to Root browser.
4.      Done

Method 2
1.      Click Here to download and install Systemapp mover (137kb Playstore)
2.      Run and grant it “superuser permission” and checked on “Show System Apps” checkbox.
Android System App Mover main screen

3.      Locate and tab on the targeted app and convert to normal app.

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