Windows 10: The Next Big Thing in Computing

Earlier this year, Microsoft released the Technical Review of Windows 10 Operating System for testing in anticipation of the final launched later in the year. In the surprise package, Microsoft announced that they will be offering a free upgrade to Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phone users.

UPDATE: If you cannot use Mediatool from Microsoft to Install Windows 10, Click here to download the Windows 10 iso Final Release 29th July and install

A peek into Windows 10 reveals ground shaking features designed to make it easy to use both on mobile and desktop.

Some of the outstanding features include:
  • A revolutionary operating system that works across all devices; PC, tablet and Smartphone.
  • Reintroduction of a much better Start Button

  • An Interface that automatically detects whether you on desktop or mobile and provides suitable user interface.

Microsoft's Terry Myerson said: “Windows 10 is so much easier and has great features than the latest version of Windows. Windows 10 changes the rules of the game.”


Previously it was a norm to run Windows 8 OS for your laptop and Windows Phone for
your smartphone. With Windows 10 OS, it will be the same operating system across both devices. Microsoft says Windows 10 will run in all various types of device: PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and Xbox games.

Also, Windows 10 will automatically adjust to different screen sizes - whether an 8’ tablet or 54’ screen desktop PC. It's been designed to be mobile friendly, with a version designed specifically for tablets and Smartphones.


Previously, you install different versions of the same software/Apps for your desktop and tablet/smartphone. With Windows 10, the same software/app will work on all your devices - just download it once and it'll be good to go on tablet or PC, smartphone or laptop. Apps for Videos, Music, Maps, People, Photos and Calendar will be the same across your devices.


1. Apps run in a regular pre-Windows 8 desktop window interface: Apps will be much more desktop-friendly with a menu bar at the top so you can close or minimize them with a click.

2. Task View (Recent View): Got too many apps open at once? Hit task view and you will be able to see them all side by side on screen.

3. Multitasking On One Desktop View: Doing Things Same Time: Browsing the internet while chatting on Facebook, Whatsapp, changing tracks on your playlist, and even working on Word, With Windows 10, you can snap all your open program to your screen and keep an eye on all of them at the same time.

4. Universal Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps on your tablet and laptop will now be the same, whether you are on phone, tablet or PC with the new universal Office apps.

Excel has been made easier to use on a touchscreen for updating spreadsheets when you can't get to a laptop. Creating and editing documents and spreadsheets whether at your desk or out and about is easy too with Office for Windows 10.

5. Organise your life with Cortana voice assistant: This voice-enabled feature was previously only available on Windows phones. Now you can talk to your PC or tablet to do a whole host of really useful things.

6. Switch automatically with Continuum: Continuum is designed to make devices that use both touch and keyboard and mouse (Android Laptop or Palm top) - a convertible laptop or tablet - easier to use. A device that switches between laptop and tablet usually works in 2 specific modes: tablet and desktop.

With continuum, Windows will automatically adjust itself based on what you're doing. All you need to do is unplug or plug in your keyboard and choose the option from a prompt screen.

7. New Web Browser, SPARTAN: Microsoft appears to have ditched the legendary Internet Explorer for a new web browser which has been designed to help make life a bit easier. Spartan has the digital voice assistant Cortana built-in to help give a more tailored, personal web browsing experience - such as directions to a restaurant when you have visited its site. Love doodling and annotating? With Sparatan you will be able to draw on a webpage with a digital stylus before sharing your annotated version over email.

8. MICROSOFT HOLOLENS: Windows 10 seems to be preparing for the future with the introduction of Microsoft HoloLens. This feature will enable you to project your computer into the space around you. Microsoft HoloLens is a headset that projects holograms of your Windows 10 apps across your view of the spaces around you as 3D holograms in front of your eyes rather than on the computer monitor, and interact with them with your voice and hand movements.

Though the headset is still in development Microsoft is already preparing Windows 10 for its full deployment.

9. Android and iOS apps On Windows: With the Project ,Android and iOS apps will undergo a simple modification to enable them run all the Windows platform. Therefore you are not goin to miss any of your games or apps.
Check this excerpt from arstechnica
"For Android, there is Project Astoria. Rumors of Android apps on Windows have been floating around for some time, and in Windows 10 Microsoft is delivering on those rumors. Astoria will allow Android apps to run in Windows. Specifically, Windows Mobile (and yes, that's now officially the name for Windows on phones and sub-8 inch tablets) will include an Android runtime layer that'll let them run existing Android apps (both Java and C++) unmodified."


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