Tips To Keep Your Phone Battery Healthy and Extend your Battery Life


Most complaint about Android device is often about the battery not lasting long enough. These tips will help extend your cell or mobile phones battery life and keep them healthy.

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Best 10 Tips To Keep Your Battery Healthy and Extend your Battery Life

 1. Switch off the vibrate function of your cellphones, always use ringtones only.

2. Reduce the brightness of your mobile phones backlight to the lowest especially when you are indoors.

3. Keep your phone in a cool environment, over heat causes battery to drain faster.

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4. Always turn off your bluetooth.

5. Always turn off features like Hotspot, WIFI, WLAN and GPS when not in use.

6. Deactivate background updates in most apps like Playstore

7. Activate GSM instead of 3G mode in your mobile phone when you are not browsing the net.

8. Avoid using Animation and live images as wallpapers.

9. Use black background themes.

10. Switch off your mobile phones or schedule an automatic power down during the night hours when you are not using your phone

Enjoy your android.

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