How to Make your PC shutdown automatically on power cut


This is a Do It Yourself (DIY) procedure to make your Windows PC to shut down automatically whenever there is power cut in order to preserve your battery. You don’t need to install any software.

The major advantage this method has over other PC Power Down Scheduling software is that they do not know when power has cut and you need to shutdown. This will help keep your battery healthy. 

The method is essentially about making your OS ‘think’ that your battery is dying and it needs to shutdown. (preferably Windows 7 and below)

 1. Locate the Power icon by the bottom right corner of your desktop (taskbar) and click on it to show the status. 
power plan

2. Click on “More Power Options” and it will open the Control Panel Power Options.

3. Locate “Create a Power Plan” on the left pane and click on it. 
power plan

4. On the next screen, select the plan best suited. (Balanced is selected by default) and enter your preferred name for your newly created power plan in the space below (eg. “Sleep Time”) and click “NEXT”. 
power plan

5. On the next screen, “Edit plan settings”, change only the option “Put the computer to sleep” to “Never” on battery and “Never” on Plugged in.
power plan
 6. Click on Create

7. This will take you back to “Number 2 here” ie the Control Panel Power Options where the newly created power plan “Sleep Time” is automatically selected and activated.

8. By the right of the new power plan, “Sleep Time”, you will see “Change plan settings” in blue font. Click on it.
 power plan
9. On the next screen locate at the bottom of the setting, “Change advanced power settings” and click on it.

10. This will open the Advanced Settings for power options where your power plan “Sleep Time” is already active.

11. Go down through the items to where you see “Battery” and click on the plus sign (+) beside it to open up other options under it.

power plan

12. First Option, “Critical battery action”, change from “Do nothing” to “Shutdown” on battery.
13. Second Option, “Low battery level”, type in “95%” in the space provided.
14. Third Option, “Critical battery level”, type in 90% in the space provided.
15. Fourth Option, “Low battery notification”, leave it at “On”.
16. Fifth Option, “Low battery option”, leave it at “Do nothing”.
17. Sixth Option, “Reserve battery level”, Leave it at default “7%”, (it is pretty useless now).
18. Click “Apply” and “OK” and that is it.

Your new power plan will now appear on the bottom right taskbar and you can always switch back to normal use, “Balanced” whenever you are on the PC, when you are not on it but you want your music to keep playing, Choose “Sleep Time” and be sure to have good battery whether or not there was a power cut.

This procedure can also be adapted for use when you want your PC to be always on during downloads, as unattended downloads can be interrupted by the system when it goes into sleep automatically after no activity for some time. I use it with IDM and schedule IDM to shutdown system after downloads but if there is power cut, my power plan keeps my battery healthy.

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