Browse for N15 unlimited with Etisalat PayG


The ongoing Etisalat Pay G data plan allows subscribers to access the internet at N15 for 3 hours of unlimited browsing, streaming, chatting and downloads.

The plan, so far, is the easiest and fastest means for users to browse the internet with no data cap and it is works on all smartphones, modem, iPad etc without any need for proxy or VPN.

Just follow this procedure and enjoy unlimited downloads at high speed.

1.      To start, migrate to Easy Starter on your Etisalat line by dialing “ *200# ”, when prompted, reply with “6”, then “1”.
2.      After confirming your migration to Easy Starter, you now migrate again to Easy Life by dialing “ 620*1# ”.
3.      Finally, dial “ *229*3*7# ” to subscribe to the 3 hours unlimited browsing. N15 will be deducted from your account.
4.      Remember to opt out after exactly 3 hours to conserve your credit by dialing “ *227*0# ” to deactivate etisalat payg.

The more you opt in and out, the more the 3 hours will be added to your plan.

NOTE: it would be wiser to use another Etisalat line to load your credit and be transferring the N15 every 3 hours to the browsing line.

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  1. it should..... but I dont think its working anymore... i keep trying...aint going

    1. Yes, this is no longer working but we have a better offer. Check our latest post for free, unlimited stuff from etisalat


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